Stuff for your skin. Crap free. Guaranteed.

I'm not kidding about the bug stuff, either.
Slather on the sunscreen, wear the hat, be as careful as you like and sometimes you’re just gonna get burnt.
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Fortunately, it also cleans like orange.
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Welcome to The Vagabond Tabby, where everything is crap free, guaranteed.

I only use ingredients I know are safe. They’re natural, often organic or wildcrafted, the highest grade. I test anything new on myself before I start selling it. ‘Natural’ is where I start, but I also research each ingredient’s safety, effectiveness, and environmental impact. And then I only pick the best.

I want to offer you what’s best for you — even when it’s more work and costs me more money, when taking a shortcut would sure hell be easier. Because this is what I believe in, this is my passion: making sure that what I sell really is that good.

New in the shop: Orange Calendula Soap

orange 2

It’s just orange. It smells like orange. Fortuantely, it also cleans like orange. No detergents, no fragrance oils, no petroleum (save it for your car!), just straight-up, crap-free, gets-you-clean soap. What it’s got instead is an almost ridiculous amount of happy skin stuff: Shea butter, mango butter, and cocoa butter. Handmade, natural, and crap free. […]